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Best vegan meals

Definition: A "vegan meal" is one which does not contain any product coming from an animal. Things like honey and milk are NOT vegan because they come from animils. A good vegan meal is a lot more than simply one that avoids animal products. Grocery store shelves are lined with all kinds highly processed and nutrition-less junk foods that proudly tout the fact that they are "vegan". Many people mistaken think that "vegan" is a synonym for "healthy" - far from it. French fries are vegan. You can get vegan twinkies, cakes, and candy bars. If you are concerned with gaining muscle, losing fat, and being healthy there is a lot that goes in to determining what constitutes the "best vegan meal". The problem is that even very high protein foods like soybeans only have a very small percentage of their calories from protein which becomes a huge issue for a vegan bodybuilder trying to gain muscle mass without getting fat. Getting enough protein without blowing the calorie budget for the day requires foods that have been processed somewhat like defatted peanut flour, pea protein powder, or wheat gluten in order to get enough protein without blowing the caloric budget. Its a fine line to walk to get enough protein while minimizing the amount of processed foods you use. It also can be tough to get enough vegetables if all your calories are being put toward protein sources. If you are trying to gain muscle then the protein content of the meal is very important. If you are trying to lose fat then its important to pack a maximum of protein, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids into a minimum of calories.

The mistake most people make when googling "best vegan meals" is that they are only getting a dangerous half answer. You cannot simply say that "two bean chili" is a good vegan meal because its NOT unless you eat just the right amount. Eat too much and you will GAIN fat, not lose it. Eat too little and you cause your body to burn off muscle. Not only do you need to know what meals to eat but what the proper portion size is! This is where CustomMealPlanner shines, you can find the right meals with portion sizes perfect for YOU in under two minutes!

When you create a free account and enter your desired caloric goal, the system will automatically choose optimal meals for you AND tell you the proper portion sizes. You can also build your own meal plan by choosing your vegan meals, to do this, click on the button labeled "Create Custom Meal Plan" and then click on the link which says "add vegan meal" and you will be able to choose one of the best vegan meals shown below.
Vegan meals sorted by protein content.
Note that each meal is shown with a 500 calorie serving size but when you build a free custom meal plan, the recipe will be adapted to meet your metabolic needs.
Chocolate vegan protein shake
Pro 59% | Carb 31% | Fat 9%
A good meal to help vegans boost their protein.
Ingredients: protein powder, pea, protein powder, rice, banana, cocoa powder, stevia, water,
muscle:100/100   health:49/100
Frosty protein breakfast cup
Pro 51% | Carb 19% | Fat 28%
High protein breakfast cup with acceptable taste considering its pea protein.
Ingredients: protein powder, pea, cereal, oat bran, seed, flaxseed, stevia, nuts, defatted peanut, water,
muscle:100/100   health:56/100
Tofu scramble
Pro 38% | Carb 30% | Fat 31%
Ingredients: tofu scramble,
muscle:100/100   health:34/100
Tofu scramble and spinach
Pro 40% | Carb 33% | Fat 26%
A delicious high protein meal!
Ingredients: tofu scramble, spinach, boiled,
muscle:100/100   health:80/100
Tofu scramble and an orange
Pro 33% | Carb 39% | Fat 26%
Healthy meal with some protein.
Ingredients: tofu scramble, orange,
muscle:100/100   health:51/100
Bulking tofu scramble, orange, and berries
Pro 31% | Carb 42% | Fat 25%
Healthy meal with some protein.
Ingredients: tofu scramble, orange, blackberries,
muscle:100/100   health:62/100
Faux meat and spinach
Pro 67% | Carb 29% | Fat 3%
A cheap and healthy meal.
Ingredients: faux lunch meat, spinach, boiled, lemon juice,
muscle:49/100   health:68/100
Faux meal loaf and spinach
Pro 66% | Carb 29% | Fat 4%
Healthy and high protein meal that tastes great!
Ingredients: faux meat loaf, spinach, boiled,
muscle:48/100   health:82/100
Faux meal loaf spinach and carrots
Pro 61% | Carb 34% | Fat 3%
Tastes to good you wont realize its healthy!
Ingredients: faux meat loaf, spinach, boiled, carrots,
muscle:46/100   health:73/100
Faux meat loaf and carrots
Pro 58% | Carb 36% | Fat 4%
Faux meat loaf is delicious and cheap protein
Ingredients: faux meat loaf, carrots,
muscle:46/100   health:57/100
Faux meat loaf, watermelon
Pro 57% | Carb 36% | Fat 5%
Delicious and inexpensive plant based meal.
Ingredients: faux meat loaf, watermelon,
muscle:44/100   health:42/100
Vending machine meal
Pro 29% | Carb 40% | Fat 30%
Ingredients: clif protein bar chocolate,
muscle:37/100   health:37/100
Spicy lentils
Pro 26% | Carb 68% | Fat 4%
Ingredients: spicy lentil dahl,
muscle:35/100   health:65/100
Faux meat sandwich and carrots
Pro 40% | Carb 53% | Fat 5%
A meaty sandwich perfect for a sack lunch.
Ingredients: bread, 100% whole wheat, faux lunch meat, carrots,
muscle:33/100   health:52/100
Black beans and shelled hemp
Pro 26% | Carb 45% | Fat 28%
Delicious quick meal high in protein, fiber, and omega-3s. Delicious, nutty flavor.
Ingredients: beans, black, cooked, seed, shelled hemp,
muscle:32/100   health:63/100
Black beans and salsa
Pro 24% | Carb 71% | Fat 3%
Hearty, tasty meal in two minutes!
Ingredients: beans, black, cooked, salsa, cooked,
muscle:32/100   health:57/100
Beasty Beans
Pro 23% | Carb 72% | Fat 3%
High protein quick meal of beans and yeast.
Ingredients: beans, black, cooked, yeast, nutritional, apple,
muscle:31/100   health:63/100
Pea soup
Pro 22% | Carb 68% | Fat 8%
A great complete meal in a bowl you can take to work or school.
Ingredients: pea soup,
muscle:29/100   health:69/100
Hearty lentil soup
Pro 22% | Carb 66% | Fat 10%
A perfect meal in one to take to work or school for lunch.
Ingredients: hearty lentil soup,
muscle:29/100   health:64/100
Two Bean Chili And Carrots
Pro 19% | Carb 73% | Fat 7%
Batch cook on weekend then just pop into the lunch sack!
Ingredients: two bean chili, carrots,
muscle:27/100   health:69/100
Two Bean Chili
Pro 20% | Carb 70% | Fat 8%
An easy quick meal to pop into the lunch sack in the morning.
Ingredients: two bean chili,
muscle:27/100   health:69/100
Two bean chili over rice
Pro 23% | Carb 69% | Fat 7%
Delicious two bean chili over cauliflower rice
Ingredients: two bean chili, cauliflower,
muscle:27/100   health:86/100
pea soup and orange
Pro 20% | Carb 71% | Fat 7%
A great complete meal in a bowl you can take to work or school.
Ingredients: pea soup, orange,
muscle:27/100   health:69/100
Lentil soup and an orange
Pro 20% | Carb 70% | Fat 8%
A perfect meal in one to take to work or school for lunch.
Ingredients: hearty lentil soup, orange,
muscle:27/100   health:69/100
Spicy lentils and apple
Pro 19% | Carb 76% | Fat 3%
easy and tasty
Ingredients: spicy lentil dahl, apple,
muscle:26/100   health:72/100
Two Bean Chili And Orange
Pro 18% | Carb 73% | Fat 7%
A quick meal in one!
Ingredients: two bean chili, orange,
muscle:25/100   health:69/100
Oatmeal, raspberries, and soy milk
Pro 18% | Carb 61% | Fat 19%
An easy plant based breakfast.
Ingredients: cereal, oatmeal, soy milk, nonfat, seed, flaxseed, raspberries,
muscle:25/100   health:71/100
pea soup and banana
Pro 18% | Carb 74% | Fat 6%
A great complete meal in a bowl you can take to work or school.
Ingredients: pea soup, banana,
muscle:24/100   health:69/100
Pea soup and apple
Pro 17% | Carb 75% | Fat 7%
A great complete meal in a bowl you can take to work or school.
Ingredients: pea soup, apple,
muscle:22/100   health:74/100
Lentil soup and an apple
Pro 17% | Carb 73% | Fat 8%
A perfect meal in one to take to work or school for lunch.
Ingredients: hearty lentil soup, apple,
muscle:22/100   health:69/100
Two Bean Chili And Apple
Pro 16% | Carb 76% | Fat 6%
An easy to pack lunch for school or work.
Ingredients: two bean chili, apple,
muscle:21/100   health:74/100