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Cheat meals

Unhealthy cheat meals.
Note that each meal is shown with a 500 calorie serving size but when you build a free custom meal plan, the recipe will be adapted to meet your metabolic needs.
Pizza and Beer Cheat Meal
Pro 13% | Carb 53% | Fat 33%
Domino's thin crust cheese pizza slice(s) and beer(s)
Ingredients: domino's 14, beer,
muscle:15/100   health:20/100
Burger King Cheat Meal
Pro 14% | Carb 35% | Fat 50%
Whopped with cheese and medium fries.
Ingredients: burger king, whopper, w/ chs, burger king, french fr,
muscle:17/100   health:14/100
McDonalds Cheat Meal
Pro 12% | Carb 38% | Fat 48%
Big Mac and medium fries
Ingredients: mcdonald's, big mac, mcdonald's, french fr,
muscle:15/100   health:13/100
Taco Bell Cheat Meal
Pro 21% | Carb 45% | Fat 32%
Chicken burrito supreme
Ingredients: taco bell, burrito supreme w/ chick,
muscle:27/100   health:8/100
Donuts and coffee cheat meal
Pro 6% | Carb 43% | Fat 49%
Two jelly filled donuts and black coffee
Ingredients: doughnuts, yeast-leavened, w/jelly filling, coffee, black,
muscle:3/100   health:7/100