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Baked Chicken, Quinoa, And Broccoli

Healthy Recipe To Create A Meal With Portion Size Dynamically Adjusted To Meet Your Metabolic Needs Perfectly For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss - Baked Chicken, Quinoa, And Broccoli

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Recipe For Baked Chicken, Quinoa, And Broccoli To Make Healthy Bodybuilding Meal For Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat, And Getting Healthy.
A delicious, healthy, and easy to make meal.
FoodQuantityHow MeasureProteinCarbsFiberNet CarbsFatCalories
chicken breast, boneless, skinless(?)126.3 gweigh after grilling39.2 g0 g0 g0 g5.1 g208.4 cals
broccoli(?)360.4 gweigh after boiling or steaming9 g25.7 g11.6 g14.2 g1.3 g126.1 cals
quinoa, cooked(?)137.8 gweigh cooked quinoa6.1 g29.4 g3.9 g25.5 g2.6 g165.4 cals
MEAL TOTALS54.2 g55.1 g 15.4 g 39.7 g 9 g 500 cal
MACRO PERCENTAGES43.4%40.4%  16.2% 

Bake chicken in advance and store in refrigerator.
Cook quinoa in advance per instructions on packet and store in refrigerator.

1) Weigh out proper portion of baked chicken and heat in microwave.
2) Weight out proper portion of cooked quinoa and heat in microwave.
3) Weigh proper portion of raw broccoli and cook on stovetop or microwave.

Vitimans, Fiber and Anti-oxidants
Essential Fatty Acids (?): 0/3
Fiber (?): 15/40
Leafy greens (?): 126/210
Carotenoids (?): 0/150
Berries (?): 0/140
Meal Cautions
Highly Processed:33/250
Animal Calories:208/1250