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Hamburger And Coleslaw

Healthy Recipe To Create A Meal With Portion Size Dynamically Adjusted To Meet Your Metabolic Needs Perfectly For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss - Hamburger And Coleslaw

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Recipe For Hamburger And Coleslaw To Make Healthy Bodybuilding Meal For Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat, And Getting Healthy.
A healthy low carb lunch
FoodQuantityHow MeasureProteinCarbsFiberNet CarbsFatCalories
Fat Burner Coleslaw(?)1serving(s)3 g19.5 g5 g14.5 g6.8 g152.7 cals
beef, ground, 5 percent fat(?)144.4 gweigh after grilling37.5 g0 g0 g0 g10.1 g247 cals
MEAL TOTALS40.5 g19.5 g 5 g 14.5 g 16.9 g 399.7 cal
MACRO PERCENTAGES40.6%21.4%  38.1% 

1) Weigh out raw 95% fat free ground beef and cook to desired wellness in a frying pan without oil.
2) Add indicated number of portions coleslaw

Vitimans, Fiber and Anti-oxidants
Essential Fatty Acids (?): 0.1/3
Fiber (?): 4/40
Leafy greens (?): 37/210
Carotenoids (?): 20/150
Berries (?): 0/140
Meal Cautions
Highly Processed:11/250
Animal Calories:263/1250