Bodybuilder Meal Kit Delivery Service

Bodybuilder Meal Kit Delivery Service

There are a lot of meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Sun Basket out there but the problem is that not only are they expensive but they are not very appropriate for serious athletes and bodybuilders.

One of the biggest impediments to bodybuilders and strength trainers progress is nutrition.  Most gym goers are not professional athletes who have a support team to shop and prepare meals for them. Most people interested in lifting are working one or more jobs and struggling to find time for their family and chores - they simply dont have time to plan their nutrition, go shopping, and cook meals nor do they have the money or the time to eat out all the time.  This is where CustomMealPlanner comes in, the free meal kit delivery service!

How CustomMealPlanner Meal Kit Delivery Works

At CustomMealPlanner, the most optimal meal plans for building muscle, losing fat, and health are always 100% free.   So how can we offer a free meal kit delivery service when the meal planning is free?  We let Amazon do it!  No matter where you live, you can have all the dry goods delivered to your doorstep.  If you live in a major metro area of USA or U.K. then you can also have AmazonFresh deliver the fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, and meats to your doorstep.  If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, it costs $15/month for the Amazon Fresh service which is the biggest bargain on the planet considering how much time it will save you. Note also that after you pay $15/mo for the service then you get very competitive prices on groceries, not inflated prices.  If you look, you will see that the cost for groceries is most likely within 5% of the local grocery store where you currently shop.  Also note that with Amazon's acquisition of the highly praised "Whole Foods" chain known for its high quality organic foods, the Amazon Fresh food is very likely better than what you are currently buying.

Countries Supported

By mid October, dry goods delivery will be available in virtually every country where English is a primary language and delivery will have 100% coverage within these countries!  Delivery of fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and meats is now available in major metropolitan areas of United States and The United Kingdom.  By November 1st, fresh deliveries will also be available in Germany.

Country Dry Goods Delivery All Groceries
(dry and fresh)
 USA  yes, entire country  yes*
 United Kingdom November 10th  November 10th*
 Canada November 10th  no
 Australia November 10th  no
 Germany November 10th November 10th*

*Major metropolitan areas.  To see if this service is available where you live, visit Amazon Fresh.

Meal Kit Service Comparison

Things to consider when comparing meal services

  • cost
  • nutrition - is it high enough in protein, essential fatty acids, and micro-nutrients for a cutting bodybuilder?  Is it high enough in natural fiber to keep your cholesterol in check?
  • treat or lifestyle - Is all the food you need for a week or just a few candlelit dinners?
  • integration with fitness goals - Will the food delivered insure you meet your fat loss goals, your muscle gain goals, and your health goals?
  • flexibility - Can you order food for one person or is two the minimum?  Can you order for one person this week and two next week?  Can you stop and start the service at will?
  • nutritional styles supported?  Keto? Low carb? Carb cycling? Vegetarian? Vegan?

The main thing you need to remember is that for the most part, these meal kit delivery services are out there to make money and they do that by giving consumers what they want - tasty food just like the restaurants serve.  Is it better than eating in restaurants? Of course, anything you cook from fresh ingredients is going to be better than what you get from a low end table service restaurant.  The thing is, these meal services are not focused on health, fat loss, and certainly not muscle building.  The single exception is "The Purple Carrot" which allows you to pay a premium for the "performance meals" which have high protein.  This is an important thing to remember about these meal kit delivery services - carbs are cheap and they are really, really tasty too so few people mind.  Bodybuilders and strength trainers need a lot more protein than the average person and lean protein is expensive.  The other thing to remember about these meal kit delivery services is that they are not very flexible and you need to buy either a two person subscription or a family subscription - single is not an option.  With CustomMealPlanner, you can do whatever you want.  You can order the ingredients for just one person this week and then for 30 people next week when you have family visiting - you get total flexibility.

Note also that all the commercial meal kit delivery services are really just dinner delivery services.  Also, because they are so expensive most people just do a few meals a week. There is no way you can possibly make any progress with your fitness if you only have a few good meals a week.  To lose fat and gain muscle you need to have ALL your meals planned out and shopped for!

Meal Kit Delivery Service Cost Comparisons

Cheapest option available with each service.

 Blue Apron  2  2 dinners/week  $192
 Hello Fresh  2  3 dinners/week  $240
 Martha Stewart  2  2 dinners/week  $192
 Plated 2  2 dinners/week  $144
 Home Chef  2  2 dinners/week  $128
 Purple Carrot  3  3 dinners/week  $312
1percentfit (Utah) 1 21 meals/week  $676
 CustomMealPlanner  1  1-500 meals/wk  $15 + groceries


Which Meal Subscription Service Is Best?

It depends.  If you want yummy restaurant style meals for a few candlelit dinners a week to give the wife a break or impress the girlfriend then choose Hello Fresh.  The one commercial service here appropriate for athletes and bodybuilders is 1percentfit but that is in Utah only and its very expensive.  If you are serious about your fitness, your sports performance, your performance, muscle building, and health then the choice is totally clear - use CustomMealPlanner.  If you are serious about your fitness, lifting, and health but live outside the Amazon Fresh delivery area then there are no meal kit delivery services that will work so don't waste any money trying.  You simply cannot achieve good nutrition with dinners alone that these services provide.  Your only option is to do it the old fashioned way - Use CustomMealPlanner to make your shopping list then go to the grocery store and shop.

Setting your expectations properly

Remember that this is a completely free service that is saving you over $600 per month.  To save this kind of money you have to work a little.  Although every effort is made to keep things up to date, availability changes daily on Amazon so its very important that you look over your shopping cart carefully to make sure that there have been no mistaken items added to your cart and that the quantities are correct.  Because a lot of the items ordered are in bulk, on subsequent orders it is important that you remove these from your cart so you don't waste money on stuff you already have.

How can CustomMealPlanner offer free meal kit delivery?

If you have a free account set up here at CustomMealPlanner then we don't make any money from you nor get any referral fees from Amazon Fresh but making money is not our goal.  CustomMealPlanner is designed for athletes and BY athletes.  Cooking your own meals is one of the best ways to achieve your strength and muscle gain goals as well as improve your health and we think this should be available to everyone regardless of how much money they make.  That's why the most optimal meal plans for muscle gain, fat loss and health are 100% free.  If you like the service and want to support us then please consider upgrading to a paid membership to show your appreciation.  You will also get a bunch of additional cool features like the ability to create your own meal plans from a recipe book of meals and the ability to edit meals.  Please remember though, we have made the free meals as optimal as science allows - any editing or modification you do will simply make them suit your personal taste preferences.  It is highly unlikely you will be able to design meal plans with higher muscle gain ratings, fat loss ratings, or health ratings.  Note also that its not a free meal delivery service because you have to pay Amazon Fresh a small monthly fee, its just that we here at CustomMealPlanner do not make any money.

Setting Up CustomMealPlanner Meal Kit Delivery Service

  1. Sign up for an Amazon account if you don't already have on then get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime and then go to the a Amazon Fresh page and click on the "Start your FREE trial" button.
  2. Make a free account here at CustomMealPlanner and enter your height, weight, age, and goal (cut, bulk, or recomp).


Social responsibility and Amazon Fresh

Please remember that the drivers for Amazon Fresh are independent contractors for Amazon - the GIG economy in action.  Although Amazon Fresh drivers earn $15-$20 per hour, they do not get any benefits AND they have to provide their own transportation.  By the time they pay for gas, insurance, and wear and tear on their vehicles they are left earning minimum wage at best.  Not only that, its a very high stress job.  PLEASE tip your driver!  I recommend that tipping drivers $5-$10 by either requesting the "attended delivery" where they ring your doorbell or by doing the "doorstep delivery" and leaving an envelope with cash if you are in a low crime neighborhood.  Remember that your time is money and not only is amazon fresh saving you an hour a week of shopping but its saving YOU from having to put miles on your car to do it.  Show some compassion for these drivers.