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Making a free meal plan

Minute meal plan! Create optimal meal plan for building muscle, losing fat, and health in one click!


Making a custom meal plan

A meal plan is all the food you eat on a given day. Making a meal plan for the day by selecting the meals you want from the system library.


Creating your own custom meal

A meal is all the food you eat in one sitting. Although the system meal library is very extensive, you will want to make some custom meals of your own!


Your Custom Food Library

Although CustomMealPlaner has the top 300 foods with the most nutritional bang for the buck in terms of muscle building ability, health, and fat loss, you will want to be able to use other foods as well. Here is how to add any food to your custom food library from a database of over 9000 foods.


Making meal plans for your family

Since you live together and shop together, it makes sense to plan your meals together! Here is how you can quickly design meals for others in your household.


Batch cooking for success

Very few people have time to cook every day so success in achieving fitness goals will require doing cooking on weekends and freezing/refrigerating it in individual portion sized containers. Here is how you can create a personal recipe for inclusion into your meals during the week.

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