Because over 2 million people have made meal plans with the first version of CustomMealPlanner.com (CMP V1) it’s important to clarify the enhanced services and offerings now available with version two (CMP V2).


CMP V1: The first version had no "account" functionality. There weren’t username and password options. Users couldn’t save meal plans or configurations

CMP V2: Version two offers FULL ACCOUNT FUNCTIONALYTY. Users can save their personal configuration, custom meals, recipes, and meal plans.


CMP V1: One of the most common complaints about CMP V1 was that the meals the planner produced were too strict and not tasty enough. Indeed, CMP V1 offered a limited variety of meals, consisting mostly of a list of unprocessed foods to be eaten in one sitting. This lack of meal diversification resulted in limited meal plan options. To create a "meal" users would simply select a protein source, a fat source, a vegetable source, and a source of Omega-3 fatty acids for each meal. There was no flexibility. Users had to choose one food from each dropdown menu.

CMP V2: The new version of CustomMealPlanner.com offers real meals that can be as healthy, or unhealthy, as the user desires. With CMP V2, each meal plan is rated in terms of its ability to help the user gain muscle, lose fat, and stay healthy. There is an extensive library of real meals to choose from, for example, “Tuna sandwich sack lunch" which has a tuna sandwich, an apple, and carrot sticks. Users can also create their own meal library of their favorite meals so that they’re easy to add to meal plans in the future. For example, peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches are NOT in the meal library. Users can create a custom meal titled "My Cheat Meal" that has a PB&Mayo sandwich and two beers.


CMP V1: The first version of CMP didn’t offer an option for entering personal recipes. Each meal a user created consisted of four dropdowns with options for a protein source, a vegetable, an omega-3 fatty acid source, and/or a carb source.

CMP V2: The new and improved CustomMealPlanner.com allows users to enter real recipes! Scooby’s Fat Burner Coleslaw and Scooby-Poo protein bar recipes are included in CMP V2’s meal library, and users can also easily add their own favorite dishes. Few people have time to make each meal from scratch. Most of us have to batch cook on weekends and then divide the batch into individual, meal sized portions and then freeze them if we are going to be successful at controlling our nutrition during the week. This recipe feature is critical in helping people be successful with daily nutrition.


CMP V1: In version one of CustomMealPlanner.com, the only flexibility users had in creating meal plans was to choose the meal plan type. For example, keto, low-carb, vegan, etc. Then to create the "meal plan" users simply selected a bunch of unprocessed foods from 9-25 dropdown lists and then the meal planner would specify how much to eat of each of the foods at each of the meals during the day. In the old version, every meal had to have the same number of calories.

CMP V2: The new version of CMP is very flexible in meal plan creation. For beginners and those in a hurry, there is a one-click "Create Quick Meal Plan" option that literally plans all your meals optimally for the day with a single click. In less than 15 seconds you can create a custom meal plan, AND a grocery store shopping list!

CMP V2 offers full flexibility for users to choose each meal during the day from the extensive CMP meal library. The meal library has all sorts of tasty, easy to prepare meals that are low carb, vegan, vegetarian, or any other nutrition type you prefer. Users can also create their own custom meals to be included in their custom meal plan.

The new version of CustomMealPlanner.com offers two user modes: "Easy" and "Advanced.” In "Easy Mode," CMP V2 performs like the first generation software, where each meal created for a meal plan has the same number of calories for each meal. The "Advanced Mode" option in CMP V2 allows the user full control over their meals. Each meal can have as few or as many calories as the user wants. The Advanced Mode does not use the "number of meals" dropdown in the configuration section. The user simply adds meals to the custom meal plan until the proper number of calories has been added for the day. In this advanced mode, a "meal" might actually just be a snack consisting of an apple and three carrots or if the user is doing intermittent fasting it might be a huge meal that has half of the called for calories for the entire day.


One of the most common questions people who are dieting ask is, "How long until I have six-pack abs?"

CMP V1: The original version of CutomMealPlanner provided a weight chart, but no guidance on when the user would see six-pack abs.

CMP V2: The new and improved version of CMP provides users with an accurate answer!!!! Simply use the photo comparison chart to find your current body fat and then the meal planner will tell you how many days it will take you to get six-pack abs!

CMP V1: The original version provided meal plans without any explanations.

CMP V2: The new version lets users plan any type of meal they want AND it will also clarify what is wrong with the meal. It specifies what needs to be changed in order to improve the meal plan to make it healthier. It will also clarify how to improve the meal plan so that it is better for fat loss. The USER gets to decide what is important in order to make decisions accordingly. If all the user cares about is the ability to gain muscle, the CMP V2 will help to do this optimally.


CMP V1: No shopping list option offered.

CMP V2: A big obstacle for many people eating healthy is that they simply can’t seem to prepare their meals, and a big part of that is all the time required for meal planning. The new version of CMP solves this proglem! In one single click you can create a meal plan. In one more click you can create a shopping list. Not only that, you can do this on a smart phone at the grocery store! With CustomMealPlanner.com, getting a shopping list together is no longer an obstacle.