Recommended Learning Progression

The new and improved version of offers a powerful and sophisticated fitness meal planner that’s unlike anything available on the Internet. Due to its complexity, it’s best to follow a learning progression to avoid frustration. See below for the suggested learning steps:

  1. Start with the free version and create quick meal plans. Try this for a few days. Actually print and then make the meal plans. Remember that these meal plans are what the artificial intelligence algorithms believe to be optimal for muscle gain, health, and fat loss (if that is the goal). Users will get THE BEST MEAL PLAN for FREE. The paid version of CMP offers extensive flexibility to make meal plans that are healthy and delicious.
  2. Next, upgrade to the paid version of CMP. Set the user mode to "Easy Mode". On the weekend, create one meal plan for each day of the week and give them names like "Monday Meal Plan." Do not create custom meals at this point. Simply choose meals from CMP’s extensive meal library. Create a shopping list for the week and go shopping and do any batch cooking.
  3. Keeping the configuration set to "Easy Mode", on the weekend create another week of meal plans, and this time edit the meals in the system library: Change the quantities of the foods in the meal, swap one food for another, or delete foods from the meals entirely. Again, after making a full week of meal plans, print a shopping list and complete batch cooking.
  4. While still in “Easy Mode", create custom meals! You should have a good idea now of how CMP V2 works, so you can add your favorite meals. Then, do your meal plans for the week, print a shopping list, and do your batch cooking.
  5. Switch to "Advanced Mode". Create meal plans for the week. Note that now when you add a meal to the meal plan, will ask you how many calories you want the meal to be. CMP will then scale the meal to match the desired number of calories. Note that this is not exact because some things are discrete and you do not want to have to add .34212 eggs
  6. The final step is to create your own recipe! Remember that you need to be in “Advanced Mode” for this feature. When entering personal recipes, remember that it is very important that to specify the number of equal sized portions that the recipe makes. Why? Let’s say you prepare a big pot of hearty pea soup that makes ten portions. When you add "Hearty Pea Soup" to your meal plan, you will select the number of portions, in this case ten, that equals the number of meals you’re preparing in advance. Each portion of the pea soup will have 1/10 of the calories of the batch.